What is the FMS?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a ranking and grading system utilized to assess and baseline your most basic movement patterns. The FMS is utilized by the NFL, MLS, US Men’s National Volleyball Team, Fire Departments, and the US Military to determine the athlete’s or employee’s risk of injury and probability of success within the program or organization. The screen consists of 7 movement tests and 3 pain screens utilized to provide a starting point for training. The screen has 2 parts: the FMS and the more clinical Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA).

How do we use the FMS at Chirofitness?

At ChiroFitness, the personal trainer employs the FMS and the Chiropractor, the SFMA. This facilitates a “common language” between our practitioners provides a streamlined approach to your workout/treatment plan. We screen all new personal training clients during their initial visit and selected chiropractic patients during the course of treatment. The FMS allows us to identify your movement “blind spots” so that they can be corrected with proper training or, if necessary, additional treatment. Your score is documented and discussed with you along with a recommendation on the proper course of action. The scores from your initial and follow-up screens are kept on file so that we can track your progress.

In those instances where you might require additional treatment outside our practice, we will provide your practitioner with our findings which will give them a baseline from which to start. Should they also be FMS/SFMA certified, this will be of even greater value for your health care.

How can the FMS help you?

As stated earlier, the FMS gives you a starting point. If you are looking to start or progress your exercise program, are already a competitive athlete or working in a physical environment, the FMS has been shown in studies to help assess your current movement capabilities and/or identify any areas in need of improvement.

In addition, the FMS can be invaluable for occupational training programs in which the job requires physical activity. Utilization of the FMS can potentially lower health care expenses and job attrition.

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