There's a paradigm shift occurring in how people are approaching their health care.

As a culture, current healthcare models reinforce that if nothing hurts, then nothing is wrong. The idea is that injuries and illness just happen, out of nowhere. When something goes wrong, we are prescribed painkillers and shots. If that doesn’t work, we are left with surgery or chronic pain as our current health care model rarely provides another solution.

Current research shows that this way of thinking just doesn't work. Forward thinking people now believe that health is something that is nurtured, coaxed, and cared for . . . actively.

At ChiroFitness, we offer something special

Fitness class
chiropractic care

We combine Chiropractic and Personal Training during the same session. Using assessment tools such as the Functional Movement Screen, the personal trainer identifies painful or faulty movement patterns, poor balance, muscle imbalances and/or the inability to hold a position. The chiropractor then uses various forms of adjustment to correct structural problems until you are able to move or exercise without pain and/or significant dysfunction. The personal trainer then puts you through additional exercises in order to trigger "muscle memory" so your body can “learn” to move in optimal alignment.

At Chirofitness we co-manage your case so you're not working with two separate practitioners who don't communicate and may contradict each other's care. On the contrary, our close communication allows us to put all our knowledge and skills together to get you results. This is unique because by addressing performance issues at the moment they are identified, you will:

  • Get out of pain faster
  • Become more resilient to repeat injury
  • Perform at higher levels

For those committed to ongoing care and training, we offer an Integrated Wellness Program. Our Integrated Wellness plans are 10 weeks of integrated care designed to help you heal old injuries, get in shape, prevent future injuries, and make a commitment to nurture your health.

We offer different pricing plans depending on your needs and goals. They contain deep discounts on our per session fees so that the care is more accessible. All sessions of Integrated Care are one hour or less.