What people are saying about Chirofitness

“My personal training work with Karen over the past several years has literally changed my life. Although I’ve always been very physically active, Karen has helped me focus my activities so that I can set, work towards, and ultimately meet and sometimes exceed my personal fitness goals. I appreciate Karen’s comprehensive yet practical approach to overall health and well-being and feel stronger, healthier, and more balanced because of her firm yet compassionate guidance. I highly recommend Karen to anyone is who serious about changing their lifestyle and committing themselves to taking the best care of themselves as possible.”
— Robyn F.
What people are saying about ChiroFitness
“I had lower back surgery in 2010, and since then have had a lingering soreness and tightness that would not go away. After a few sessions with Dr. Jim, my back is feeling as good as it ever has. I’ve found myself moving around more, having more energy, and not feeling like my back could give out at any given moment. I had never been to a chiropractor before but I can’t imagine having a better experience than the one I had here. Dr. Jim was very thorough in our first session, and made sure he had a complete understanding of what my issues were. He is really easy to talk to and will make sure that he addresses any issues that you bring up during your session. “
— Alex A.
“I awoke with a migraine this morning; shooting pain behind the right eye radiating from my neck. It felt like my brain was going to explode out of my skull. Nausea, light sensitivity, the whole shebang. I didn’t have an appointment, but I contacted Dr. Pape and explained the situation. He squeezed me in within the hour, showing genuine concern. And then -snap, crackle, pop! — he fixed me and I could see straight, form coherent sentences, and the throbbing in my brain subsided.

5/5 stars for Dr. Pape and his team, but let’s give them another round of applause for consistently being outstanding at what they do!”
— Laura M.

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