Are you an active individual looking for a more forward thinking solution for your wellness care? You have found the right place! We can help you address the problems keeping you from performing at your best and get you back to doing what you love.

ChiroFitness, Inc. is a family owned business.  We are a sports and wellness company specializing in the integration of chiropractic and personal training services. Our focus is on corrective and performance based treatment and exercise protocols such as:

Movement Screening

Myofascial Release

Sports Conditioning

Joint Manipulation

We also provide Acupuncture!


The first visit will last 30-45 minutes, during which we will discuss your issue and your goals with care. Examination will lead to diagnosis, which will be tested through treatment. We will be looking for improved mobility, decreased pain, increased strength, etc., to guide the treatment.


We specialize in sports conditioning and performance enhancement and the use of corrective exercise to help resolve or prevent injury. Your initial private session will include the Functional Movement Screen and the prescription of stretches and/or exercises to get you started towards your performance goals. Small Group Personal Training Classes are offered Tues., Weds and Thurs.